A Message from our President

The Bahamas Real Estate Association is focused on strengthening the Real Estate Industry by continuing to support our members in attaining and maintaining their professional Credentials as it relates to the transfer and management of Real Estate Transactions throughout the Bahamas.  We also work with government bodies as needed to ensure that the sector continues to be reserved for Bahamians and Bahamian Real Estate Companies. The Real Estate Industry is a thriving one and the association now stands strong with more than 800 members throughout the islands of the Bahamas.

Our objective is to support Real Estate Brokers and their agents, Appraisers, Developers, and Property Managers by providing the tools and guidelines needed to ensure that all clients are served in a professional manner.  We do this by ensuring that our members are knowledgeable about the Association’s Policies and its Codes of Ethics to provide a high standard of conduct and professionalism. From our industry’s inception in 1985, we have focused on continued cooperation, collaboration, and communication from our Board of Directors to our Administrative Team, to our members to continuously improve the way we interact with other stakeholders and other professions to improve this vital component of both the Business Community and the Financial Sector. The business of residential and commercial ownership whether it is for personal use or for investment purposes is one that we The Real Estate Association hold close to our hearts.  We feel we play a vital role in the Bahamian economy and are all players on the world stage.

Nikki Finlayson-Smith, President 

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