Rules of Membership

Steps To Becoming A Licensed BREA Real Estate Salesperson

Step1: Find a BREA licensed real estate broker to become a salesperson apprentice under. This can be any broker of your choice. (BREA does not assist with this process) - Find A Broker

Step 2: Ensure your broker submits your apprentice letter so that we know when you began your apprenticeship.

Step 3: Take the real estate course and exam BREA offers twice per year (times and cost of the course may vary).
Current Cost: $2,200 + VAT.
We provide all materials needed for that week. (eg. Lectures and books)
The course is 6 days: Monday to Friday 9am to 5pm & Saturday (exam day) 9am to 12pm.
The exam must be passed with an 80% or higher to submit a Salesperson application.

Step 4: Upon passing the exam, collect a Salesperson application form from the BREA office and complete all of the information, hand in all required documents, along with the required application fee. - Application & Licensing

Step 5: You will receive an email if your application has been approved by the board.

Step 6: Upon application approval, submit yearly dues payment of $400 and collect your license.

Requirements for application submission:

  1. Written confirmation from the licensed Broker of employment, on the Broker's real estate company's stationary, verifying the applicant's employment.
  2. A copy of a current passport or birth certificate, verifying that the applicant has attained the age of eighteen years, (clause 12(2)(b).
  3. The applicant shall not have an order in bankruptcy or judgement of court which remains undischarged, (clause (12)(2)(c).
  4. A copy of a current passport, verifying that the applicant is either a Bahamian citizen or the holder of a certificate of permanent residence with the right to work endorsed thereon, (clause 13(2)(a).
  5. A copy of a certificate of competence for having successfully completed BREA's Entry Level Course and for having passed the prescribed examination, (clause 13(2)(b) of the Act & Clause 6(2)(b) or the Regulations). Persons with certificates dating more a than six month period prior to application must retake the real estate course.
  6. One (1) personal bank reference.
  7. Three (3) written personal reference.
  8. Three (3) passport-size photographs.
  9. Form 1, Form 3, and Form 5 completed. Please note that the said Applications are to be proposed and seconded by licensed Brokers, and that individual proposing the applicant must be the licensed Broker of employment.
  10. Payment of the said Application Fee, in the total of B$150.00 (B$50.00 for each Form).
  11. A copy of a current police certificate.
  12. Only completed application with all attachments will be accepted. The Bahamas Real Estate Association will not assume responsibility for incomplete applications.

Application Checklist

All clauses can be found in the Real Estate (Brokers and Salesman) Act 1995.

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