Bahamas Real Estate

Of all the things of value that a person might possess, land holds a unique position.

It is generally finite, cannot alter its location and often generates strong attachments in its owners that can last for generations. In 1994 the Bahamas Real Estate Association published a handbook for the purpose of assisting persons involved in the sale and purchase of real property in The Bahamas. This handbook has proven useful and has filled a void which had existed for many years.

With the passage of the Real Estate (Brokers and Salesmen) Act, the opportunity was taken by the Association to revise the handbook so that it provides details in respect of the Act and supplies more comprehensive information on the business of real estate in The Bahamas generally.

The ownership of land anywhere in The Bahamas at this time is particularly desirable in light of current development trends. In that connection the Bahamas Real Estate Association must be commended for assuring through the revision of its handbook that the information provided is up-to-date so that the buyers and sellers of property can make decisions which are informed.

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